Why work in New Zealand?

Enjoy a great work-life balance.
Relocating to NZ to work as a medical health professional with NZ Medics offers an enormous amount of potential for you, your career and your family.
New Zealand is a popular choice for qualified, skilled doctors from overseas looking for a high quality of life. There are many benefits to developing your medical career in NZ, including good standards of pay, top quality training and development, and access to excellent research projects. Not only is NZ attractive to overseas doctors, but our healthcare system also relies upon international doctors to bridge skill-shortage gaps and meet the high demand for healthcare services.

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Clean and Cool

New Zealand is far away from all the haze and pollution. The air is crisp and the sky a crackling blue. As the sun dips beneath the endless horizon, the sky lights up with millions of stars.
Just perfect for stargazers.
Even better, there are four seasons to admire, from the fall of leaves in autumn to the warmth of summer.


New Zealand is all about the outdoors. Hiking, fishing, skiing,
boating, bungy jumping , caving, off-road driving, jet boating.. you
name it.

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New Zealanders love to show off their beautiful country. In fact, with the already diverse community, you will always feel welcome.


Everyone speaks English - so moving will feel like a breeze. What’s more, due to the ethnic diversity of the NZ population, many practices are even seeking your foreign-language speaking skills.

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With five international airports in a tiny nation, worldwide connectivity is hassle-free.


New Zealand’s education is world-class. Apart from a strong academic focus, your child’s school will ensure their all-round development. Even better, school is free, and there is an interest-free loan for university studies. There are a plethora of choices, from the local NCEA board to Cambridge, IGCSE and IB.

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Great Working Conditions

Work as you like in a week: 24 hours, 28 hours, 32 hours, whatever you like. Not many GPs even work 40 hours. And even better, there’s no unpaid overtime! On top of this, the typical boss is very chilled out.
Not feeling well, can’t come in for the day, no problem. You are sick, and your boss understands.


The healthcare system for your family in New Zealand is world-class. If you
are a work visa holder, resident , or citizen, then specialist and hospital
care at secondary and tertiary levels are free. And kids till 14 are
completely free even in the GP clinics.

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Easy PR and Citizenship

GP’s and other health professionals score high points and easily get permanent residence. And even better, being a PR is pretty much like being a citizen in New Zealand. If you are a Singaporean or Australian, you can even buy property in New Zealand from day one without any restrictions.

Easy fellowship for GPs

RNZCGP promotes GP’s to undergo vocational training (though not mandatory). The fellowship is easy to acquire while you are working. Clinics would happily support you in this.

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Cars fanaticism is allowed

Yes, you can keep a craze for cars in New Zealand. No crazy taxes and no compulsory insurance. It's quite normal for people in New Zealand to have three, four, five cars in a household.

There’re all kinds of food

No matter what cuisine you fancy, New Zealand has it sorted. From large Asian style food courts in malls to curry houses scattered throughout towns, New Zealand has it all for you.

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What about retirement?

New Zealand is your dream retirement location. National pension for everyone after 65 and no retirement age for GPs.
(But who wants to work at 65 huh? Just in case.)