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Our Directors

Dr Hemant Kheterpal

Medical Director

Dr Kheterpal is a GP who worked in Singapore for 6 years and has been working in New Zealand for 5 years. He is very familiar with both the Singapore and New Zealand medical systems. He believes that New Zealand has a lot to offer to overseas doctors. And with this vision, he along with this colleague Ms Yang, established NZmedics.

Ms Kaimei Yang

Operations Director

Ms Yang is a Singapore trained nurse whose husband is a GP in Auckland. She has gone through the experience of settling into New Zealand with her family. She believes that she can make the transition process for overseas doctors and their families to be as smooth as possible.

Dr Anuj Gupta

Business Developer

Dr Gupta trained and began his journey in Singapore, after which he decided to move to New Zealand with his family in search of a more balanced lifestyle. He now practices as a GP in Auckland.

Dr Alka Kheterpal

Business Developer

Dr Kheterpal also began her journey in Singapore at Jurong Polyclinic. After working there for six years, she decided to move to New Zealand for a more relaxed lifestyle. She practices as a GP in Auckland.

Medical Council NZ Requirements

We understand the requirements of New Zealand Medical council in the best way. We have walked through the whole journey ourselves. Our dream is to be the preferred provider to healthcare professionals seeking to make a long term move to New Zealand. We promise to act with integrity and discretion, qualities we feel are quite essential for employees exploring their options.

You are the focus. We want to provide you with accurate, first-hand information about the current medical landscape in New Zealand.

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