What People usually Ask Us ?

We are a medical recruitment agency in NZ run by doctors, helping local and international GPs to find the perfect job in New Zealand.

With our strong medical background, NZmedics offers unmatched personalised service. Being GP’s who have walked in the same path of migrating to NZ, we understand your needs better than anyone else. We will take the time to personally get to know you, your skills, your qualifications and your needs. We can then advise you on how you can achieve your career goals and match you with the right employer from our network of employers. We are unique in offering clinical advice and guidance to our candidates well into their new job in NZ.


We help you format your CV in Kiwi style, and maximise your chances of success. Other job seeking sites and agencies list the jobs but do not give you advice on how to succeed in an interview and secure the best package. They cannot support you in the complex registration and settling in process as well as we can. Moreover, we continue to provide you with guidance on understanding the local medical workflows long after you start your job here.


We take great care to match you to the best employer based upon your clinical skills, family needs like your kids’ schooling and job opportunities for your spouse. We are not just interested in filling places for the sake of doing so. We want to grow the community of NZmedics doctors and nurture long term relationships.


We provide various sample documents to make recruiting International Medical Graduates easy for first-time employers.

Please get in touch with us and leave us a message about your requirements. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

Please email us at kaimei@nzmedics.com or WhatsApp Kaimei at +64-273322388, and we will reply to you within 24 hours.

Yes, we can surely help. From arranging the right employment to medical registration in New Zealand, and helping you settle into your new life, we offer expert advice and support to help you and your family ease through the transition.

It depends on the hospital or the clinic. Most employers will provide relocation allowance to help with the following expenses like initial flights in/to NZ, registration to practice and medical Indemnity. 

We also negotiate with the employer for initial accommodation and car to help you settle down smoothly.

Employers differ in their benefits packages, so speak to our dedicated team about your requirements. We will help negotiate better terms for you and make sure that you do not miss out on anything. Starting on the right footing is the most crucial step for a successful relocation.

NZmedics realises the importance of good schooling for your young ones. 

If you have children, we will help to look for good schools around the area, and we can advise on the best options. Public schools up to secondary level are free in New Zealand. If you prefer private or integrated schools, their fees and curricula differ, and we can talk to you further.

Provided everything goes smoothly from interview to registration to visa confirmation, it could take 2 to 3 months for you to be here and start with your new life.

For candidates who are migrating, our services are completely free.
For employers, please refer to our contract, which is available on request.

Interviews are done at a time convenient to both the candidate and the employer, bearing in mind different time zones. Employers would usually do interviews on Skype/Zoom/telephone chat or even Whatsapp.

We assist experienced and well-qualified GPs who have worked in countries with comparable healthcare systems like Singapore, UK,  US, Australia , Ireland , Scotland , Europe, Hong Kong, Canada etc. and are looking to work or settle in NZ.

Work visa for you. Family members can be dependents under the main work visa holder. Residency visa can be applied once you are in the country as it is faster and easier for someone already working and living here.

YES, for every person who comes in for at least 2 years visa duration, you and your family will enjoy benefits on par with locals.

All you need is MBBS/MBChB and sufficient work experience in a country with a comparable health system. There are different pathways, and our friendly team can advise you which one will be best for you.

For as long as you like. Most employers are happier to offer long term/ indefinite contracts.

For a work visa, there is No age limit. For a residency visa, you have to apply before age 55.

There are ample opportunities to find any kind job for your partner who may or may not be a medical professional.