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Dr Umakant

I want to thank Hemant and Kaimei for their devotion for helping in my journey from Singapore to New Zealand. They have always been standing beside me as a good friend, a mentor to guide me throughout my path.
My journey started back in Sept 2019, when I attended a seminar conducted by Hemant in Singapore. I was well settled in Singapore over last 9 years, but after listening to him, I understood there could be better prospects in personal and professional life. Every conversation with them brought me to a new level of clarity. It was a difficult step for me as it would be for anyone trying to migrate with or without family to a new country and a new culture. Every time I spoke to Hemant and Kaimei, they infused enthusiasm in me to move forward, every talk building more trust in the process. I completely trusted them in this process and they never failed me. They built a very trustworthy relation with their readily available help. Whether it was the application of visa or which movers to chose or what things to bring in, they answered all questions patiently with the learnings from their own personal experiences. So, there was a kind of certainty in each step I took.
I am now working as a GP in New Zealand, and they are still helping me, by guiding me through various local workflows, cultural differences and how to work best and comfortably in this new healthcare system. I would highly recommend NZ Medics if you want a friend to help you, guide you and hold your hand in this challenging process. Much gratitude for Hemant and Kaimei and their superb team! Thanks guys, you are wonderful.

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Dr J

“I started exploring work opportunities as GP in NZ for several months before I came across NZ Medic’s mailer and learnt about their service. From our very first conversation, I could tell that Hemant understood my job expectations of a GP position in NZ and also all my personal concerns in relocating my family over, especially since he and his family had travelled the same journey (from Singapore to New Zealand) few years ago. Throughout the whole employment and relocation process, Hemant and Kaimei have been the most prompt and informative in answering my queries. They are patient, encouraging and supportive whenever me and my family have any concerns. We have been in NZ for about many months now, and we would not have settled smoothly without Hemant’s and Kaimei’s help. I cannot thank NZ Medics enough, and would strongly recommend their services.”

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Dr Heap Yong

NZ Medics showed me the difference in the Healthcare system and the lifestyle, and soon, I asked myself what is the lifestyle I ultimately want for me and my family. I left the rat race in Singapore, not even sure why it has to be a rat race in the first place, and moved on to a more idyllic country where lifestyle takes precedence over work.
Hemant and his team helped me in every step of the journey, from securing job offers and guiding on the whole process of relocation. Their experience in this line is top notch, and each step is smooth sailing. For any GPs who wants to move to New Zealand, I'll recommend NZ Medics without a second thought.