Our Recruitment Process

Placing the right candidate with the right client is not a simple case of matching someone with a technical specification and job description. Here at NZ Medics, we aim to find the candidate who shares the same cultural aspirations and work attitude as the client - someone who can add value to the organisation.

It is our goal to optimise the recruitment process so our clients can hire quality medical professionals quickly and efficiently while lowering costs.

GP Recruitment Agencies Auckland
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Getting To Know You

Here at NZ Medics, we are greatly focused on the little details. This means that we take the time to get to know our candidates, not just their skills and career goals, but also their lifestyle, preferences and family. We also sit down with our clients to discuss their job requirements, so we can help them find the right candidates, the first time around

Why New Zealand?

Candidate Vetting

Before we place a candidate in an interview, we make sure that all relevant pre-employment, information and references are fully confirmed; and the work record is checked, verified again and finally cleared. In this way, our clients can have the confidence that the candidates they interview are eligible, qualified and well-trained.

Job Search

When our candidates send through their CV to NZ Medics, we will proactively put them forward to positions that most match their requirements, qualifications, experience and availability. As we have access to first-hand information from a network of medical and healthcare organisations, we can inform our candidates as soon as a great opportunity is available (even before it is advertised).

Moving to/around NZ

We understand that relocating in NZ can be a bit daunting, especially for overseas medical professionals who are coming to work and live in NZ for the first time. We handle all aspects of the move, from preparing for an interview, registering a license to practice to general advice on booking flights, finding accommodation, setting up an NZ bank account, and everything in between.