For Medical Specialists

The health sector is unique, and traditional recruiters have a tough time understanding it. We have worked in this field for years, our knowledge and experience will ensure that both the employee and employer gain maximum satisfaction from our service. We want to make your move as smooth as possible. Not only will we guide you through the process of getting employed, but will also continue supporting you to minimise the risk of your relocation not working out.

One of the thing we are greatly focussed on is the little details. Things like your kids education, a good school, a town that suits your needs, your lifestyle.

Providing personalised service is at the heart of NZmedics.

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Our Goal

Our dream is to be the preferred provider to healthcare professionals seeking to make a long term move to New Zealand. We promise to act with integrity and discretion, qualities we feel are quite essential for employees exploring their options.

You are the focus. We want to provide you with accurate, first-hand information about the current medical landscape in New Zealand.

Why New Zealand?